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Overview Of Cabinets For Storage

If you would love to be able to invite your friends and family members to stay over but don’t have a guest room, then you should look into getting a sofa bed. A sofa bed allows you the seating of a sofa while allowing your guests a place to sleep when you need it. You can find sofa beds in many different styles and price ranges. If you are looking for a more modern look a Contemporary Sofa Bed may be what you are looking for.

A Contemporary Sofa Bed can be found in many different colors and fabrics. Take the modern sofa made by Ido Italia, item number iD-LK31. This sofa is very versatile with a the ability to have a foot rest, arm rest or a comfy bed with minimal effort. Its very easy to use and comes in over 36 different colors and textures. It is affordable at a price of $829.

Maybe you are looking for a Leather Sofa Bed for your Contemporary Sofa Bed choice. Nadia makes a very sleek and modern black leather futon style sofa bed with metal trim futon style sofa bed. The model number SC-NDI-PU-XX is a great buy at only $550. You can also customize the positions with its split back and arms that flip up or down.

Futon Sofa Beds are very popular for a Contemporary Sofa Bed choice. A metal framed futon like the Capri Futon has a geometric print fabric with a silver metal frame that looks great with a modern decor and allows you to lay it flat for your guests to sleep on a full sized bed. This futon is perfect for the family game room or even a dorm room. Its priced right at only $299.

There are many different choices if you are in the market for a Contemporary Sofa Bed or any style sofa bed. Look for one that will fit your functionality needs as well as your personal choice for decor. The right sofa bed can create that added guest room without dedicating an entire room as an additional bedroom. Whether its a sofa with pull out bed or futon, you can find a sofa bed very useful.