Flammable Chemical Storage Cabinets

Protecting your Goods from Fire and Damage

Most modern homes will contain fragile items, and many even possess garden chemicals, tools and other useful items. As handy as these tools can be; most of them have a shelf life and won’t be able to deter the test of time. Some materials will last longer than others when kept properly, whereas other tools might suffer with rust, damage and other unwanted effects. If you’re keen to prolong the life of your goods, then there is a method that can all but guaranteed a far longer period of service; and that’s with the use of flammable storage cabinets or chemical storage cabinets.

Both types of cabinets do exactly what they say on the tin, and by using them you can all but guarantee that your goods will remain protected and usable for years and years. But what are the major differences between the two types of cabinet and how do they work exactly?

Flammable Storage Cabinets

Anti-flammable storage cabinets are the ideal method for protecting valuable goods from the effects of heat and fire. They are constructed using a lightweight and durable material that has been tested against extreme heat, and still comes out on top. Unlike metal cabinets that can suffer from rust and decay, or wooden cabinets that can suffer from warping (whilst being highly flammable), fire-resistant cabinets will stay strong against all but the most intense of damage.

Chemical Storage Cabinets

Chemical storage cabinets may not be fire-resistant, but they are the best at what they do; and that’s to keep harmful chemicals within their walls without risk of damage to the outside world. They are ideal for homes that have pets or small children, and as they can contain leaks, spillages and bursts of all kinds; there’s no reason that a single drop of a chemical formula should be able to make its way outside of the cabinet.

As you’ll notice; both cabinets have the potential to serve their purposes ideally. Where flammable storage cabinets are more about resisting heat and fire from the outside, chemical cabinets are all about containing harmful chemicals and formulas. Both types of cabinets afford all of the standard benefits of storage facilities, including easy-access doorways (that can slide or swing within certain models), as well as space-saving designs and portability as standard.

A fire-resistant cabinet won’t be able to contain any spillages within its walls; but it will be able to defend its contents from all sorts of heat externally. The clever design and durable material will absorb all of the heat, and none of that heat will be transferred to the contents within either.  On the other side of the scale – a chemical storage cabinet won’t be able to protect its contents from heat and fire’ but it will guarantee to contain all leakages from liquids inside at all times.

Whichever cabinet is better suited to your needs, it’s always a good idea to opt for at least one to protect your goods consistently and without risk.